& Supply Chain Management

Advanced Inventory Management

Track Stock & Product Cost

Track inbound products. Set a decimal point on stock quantities.

Add suppliers and save their information for easy inventory management and ordering.

Create several storage locations per product.

Add multiple inventories per product.

Set inventory selling priorities, region restrictions & LOT/Batch recording.

Bill Of Material (BOM)

A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a broad list of items, product parts, raw materials, assemblies, and other components mandatory to create a product.

Bill of Materials is considered the driving force of any business, and our inventory management software takes complete care of raw materials and product parts, the two main indicators of profitability.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for your sellable inventory.

Purchase Order notes to control the change log of each individual PO.

Purchase prices can be attached to the Purchase Orders directly. No need to jump back to product edit.

Direct Purchase Order editing from the inbound stock page.

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  • THE SITE LOOKS AWESOME! You. Are. Amazing. Thank you.

    Jackie Crown Cuts
  • I use Sellful for my own websites and to build custom web portals for some of my clients. I love it.

    James Komodo Agency
  • I see Sellful as the platform which could end all platforms.

    Raymond RMD Design

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Inventory Management & Supply Chain

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Invoicing on our basic plan is powered by Sellful CRM. It allows you to send detailed invoices to clients but in order to process payments via Stripe & Paypal, you'll need to upgrade to our "Small Business" plan and activate our "CRM - Invoicing Pro" app.


For more features such as recurring invoices, more payment processors, project management integration, etc., use the Advanced Invoicing app also available on our Small business plan.

Invoicing (Basic)

Sellful CRM on our Free & Basic plans include unlimited users, but is missing advanced features such as the client portal, sales dashboard & automation.

CRM (Basic)

100,000 free email sends per month are included. Users can purchase additional sends for $20 per 100,000 sends.


Custom SMTP providers may also be added. 

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