Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping has been around since the early 1990s and has rapidly grown in popularity ever since.

Essentially, dropshipping is when you list a product in an online shop, that is actually being shipped from a different company directly to your customer. Typically, this setup is completely invisible to the customer, and the owner of the shop where the purchase was made handles all of the customer service, and the original shop only handles shipping the product.

The shop where the purchase is made adds a markup (usually about 10%) and keeps the difference between the original price and the sold for price.

This setup allows anyone to start a retail business without having to manage inventory directly.

Will customers know that I’m dropshipping? How do it prevent this?

No, customers won’t know.

There are a number of ways to prevent this, and each option is different depending on the place in which you’re ordering from.

If you’re ordering from places such as Amazon directly, select the “gift” option, and the prices of your products will be hidden. When ordering from individual Amazon sellers, or places such as Etsy or eBay, simply add a polite note in the order stating that you’d like the receipt to be left out, or the prices hidden.

You can also contact these sellers before hand, and set up a dropshipping arrangement if you’d like, it’s all up to you as a business owner.

AliExpress is filled with individual sellers who are already set up as dropshippers and automatically hide pricing information, you can keep this in mind when searching for products to sell.

If your dropshipper forgets to “white label” your order, and a customer complains, you can simply refund the difference between the original price and your markup to the customer. In this scenario, you won’t make a profit on the order, but you minimize the amount of lost profit as well.

Will changes to my site be overwritten during product import?

Only the product prices and quantity are updated. (Prices don’t update for Etsy)

I have a cookie law in my country…

Simply use our cookie law plugin. Go to settings “Cookie Notice

How does shipping work?

Only AliExpress shipping prices are able to be imported and added to products. To show AliExpress shipping prices on the front end, visit Import -> AliExpress

You can change the name of each AliExpress shipping method by going to Import -> AliExpress shipping.

For all other products, you must set the shipping options by going to Settings -> Shipping.

If you add AliExpress shipping prices to the frontend, be sure to avoid adding AliExpress products to the shipping classes set for other products.

How do I process orders after something sells?

Simply go to Shop -> Orders -> Dropship Info. Then place the order on the drop shippers website using the customer’s shipping address. Remember to select the “gift” option, or request that the pricing and receipt be removed by the seller at checkout.

You can view exactly what to do in the video below.

Do you accept paypal?

No we currently don’t accept paypal.